Basic Usage

The four object types

Before we dive into using the API, you should understand that the wrapper returns four object types:

  • Page – Page of information, containing information about other pages and containing a list of either Wallpaper or User objects.
  • Wallpaper – Object defining a wallpaper on the site, containing information about the image, thumbnail and preview image, and metadata about the image.
  • User – Object defining a user on the site, containing metadata about them, including things like sign up date and likes count.
  • Image – Object defining an image on the site. It is contained in a Wallpaper object. It contains the direct URLs to images (full, preview, and thumbnails)


A simple test

Let’s start with a very simple test. You want to get the number of wallpapers the user keithpitt has in their collection. It’s as simple as follows:

>>> import DesktopprApi
>>> api = DesktopprApi.DesktopprAPI()
>>> user = api.get_user_info('keithpitt')
>>> user.wallpapers_count

Each of the four object types have all attributes that the server responds with available by objectname.attribute.

Another simple example

We want to sync a wallpaper to our DropBox progmatically. In this instance, we want it to be random wallpaper that’s safe for work. Assuming we already have linked a DropBox account and have our API key, we can do it as follows:

>>> import DesktopprApi
>>> api = DesktopprApi.DesktopprAPI()
>>> wallpaper = api.get_random_wallpaper()
>>> api.authorize_API('YOUR_API_KEY_HERE')
>>> api.sync_wallpaper(

And voilà, it works!


Getting straight URLs

The method get_wallpaper_urls() is a convenience method built into the wrapper that allows you to get direct URLs to full resolution images.